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Halla Williams

Founder and CEO of TuffCrowd Entertainment

Michael “Halla” Williams is the Founder and CEO of TuffCrowd Entertainment which was founded in 2012. Halla has 3 children, Meanna Williams, Mekhi Williams and Michael Halla Williams. Halla wears many hats such as Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, Rapper and Entrepreneur. He has written and performed 20 stage plays as of 2021. Shooting his feature film Concrete Jungle, Pilot Series “Trapman” a ghetto black superhero comedy, and a host of other special guest appearances, Halla has made quite a name for himself. His goal is to change the world 2 eyes and 2 ears at a time with his gifts of entertainment given to him by God. The big plan and vision for Halla is to open different chapters of TuffCrowd in the USA then worldwide. Being remembered as one of the most prolific writers of his time in film and tv next to Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, and Ice Cube is not just a dream, but an inspiration. He started TuffCrowd organically to inspire the creatives in artistic individuals to strive and work towards being the biggest entertainers in the world. Taking pride in his music and Poetry shows, Halla has created a structure for the entertainment world in hopes the world can dream beyond the stars. Halla the illest poet alive!

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